New Fitness Route for the 2014 Big Hill Challenge Ride — June 14, 2014

On Saturday Feb. 22, fellow Veloteer, William Anderson, and I rode the a new 16 mile route out of Watertown which will replace the 10 mile family route. It is on some of the most scenic and lightly traveled roads in Wilson County. There are some challenging hills, but also some nice downhills for resting. It is a ride that can be enjoyed by the beginner tour rider that does not want to ride 30 miles, but wants a bit more of a challenge than just 10 miles. There is a church at a little over the half way point that will make a good rest stop. If you have never done a group ride this would be a good route for a beginner rider to try. Bring the family out and enjoy a day on your bike. Touring by bicycle is the best way to really get out and learn about a city, state or even a country. This would also be a great route for children to try their bike touring skills on. If you don’t think your children could do this ride checkout the book: Rising Son, by Charles Scott. It’s about his ride from the northern most point in Japan to the southern most point with his 8 year old son on a trailer bike. My son and I rode across Tennessee on the Tennessee Capitols Ride in 1996 when he was 4 years old. He was on a trailer bike. (He still likes bikes.) Kids can do more than we think sometimes.
To register for the ride please click here.


About envirolibrarian

I am a librarian at Nashville State Community College, and the faculty advisor for the student environmental group. I use my bicycle and the train to get to work everyday. I really enjoy riding.
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